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Guardian of the North Wolf

Hunting Fairy with Wolf

Three Wolf Moon

Wolf Shot Glass

Wolf Leather Journal

Dragon Wolf Moon

Shawna Wolfsister

Lycan w/ Spear

Lycan Berserker

by Renee Biertempfel

Leather Mug Holder

by Ruth Thompson

Lycan with Sword

Wolf Pewter Cup

Stark Coffee Mug: Game of Thrones

Stark Ring - Game of Thrones

Stark T-shirt: Game of Thrones Size Small

Wolf Leather Belt Pouch (Medium)

Wolf Hammered Pewter Stein

Wolf Dragon Moon iPad (3rd/4th Gen) Skin

Quiet Reflection Embossed Journal

Werewolf Incense Burner

Phoenix Wolf T-Shirt

Three Wolf Moon Hoodie

Bark at the Moon Hoodie


Lupa Dice Bag or Tarot Bag

Black & White Wolf Face T-Shirt

Wolf Face Hoodie

Yin Yang Wolves

Fire & Ice Wolves T-Shirt

Fairy with White Wolf

Winter Guardians

Yin Yang Wolves Hoodie

Howling Werewolf

Wolf Siblings T-Shirt

Wolf of the Cosmos T-Shirt

Wolves of the Storm T-Shirt

Fairy Flanked by Wolves

Fairy Leaning on Wolf

Arcana the Shaman

Moonsong Dragon and Wolf Statue

Fairy Riding Arctic Wolf

Archer Fairy with Wolf

In Spirit I Am Free T-Shirt

Guardian of the North T-Shirt

Star Wolves T-Shirt

Loyal Companions Messenger Bag

Howl Wolf Statue

Enchanted Wolf Pool T-Shirt

Red Glow Wolves T-Shirt

Northern Lights T-Shirt

Where Light & Dark Meet T-Shirt

Wolf Lookout T-Shirt

Unforgettable Journey T-Shirt

Winter Guardians T-Shirt

Aneira Fairy

Wolf Goblet

Winter Warriors

Little Dark Riding Hood

Wolf Macht Pendant

Steampunk Wolf

Steampunk Werewolf

Spirit White Wolf

Celtic Wolf Guide Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Wolves Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Wolf Tattered Wood Print

Celtic Wolf Guide Umbrella

Wolf Cycles T-Shirt

Winter Wolf Portrait T-Shirt

Grey Wolf Portrait T-Shirt

Sunlit Soulmates T-Shirt

Wolf Pack T-Shirt

Wolf Couple Sunset T-Shirt

Soul Bond T-Shirt

Three Wolf Moon Mug

Yin Yang Wolves Mug

Northern Lights Mug

Where Light & Dark Meet Mug

Warrior Wolf Mug

Grey Wolf Portrait Mug

Crystal Fairy

Soul Bond

Guidance Wolf & Cub Statue

Celtic Animals Button Set

Celtic Animals Magnet Set

Tom Wood Button & Magnet Set

Moon Song Button & Magnet Set

Dragon Wolf Moon Journal

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Bella (750 pcs)

Celtic Wolf Plaque

Wolf Howl T-Shirt

Song of Autumn T-Shirt

Wolf Family Sunrise T-Shirt

Wolf Family Mountain T-Shirt

Northstar Wolves T-Shirt

Spirit of the Moon T-Shirt

Celtic Wolf Guide Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

Moon Song Dragon & Wolf Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

White Wolf Box

Lycanthrope Werewolf Moon Howl

Bella Maestra

Wolf Bobble Head

Ravenwulf Pendant

Winter Wolf Family Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

Summer Wolf Family Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

Winter Wolves Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

Here, find a fine assortment of wolf gifts for the canine lovers in your life!

From werewolves to direwolves, friendly pups to snarling beasts, all of your wolf needs can be met right here! A variety of items awaits you, from home decor like pillows and boxes to figurines, journals, leather and artwork.

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