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Crystal Fairy

Ascendance Angel by Anne Stokes

Soul Bond

Dragon Bathers

Pearlescent Unicorn

Faery of Ravens

The Priestess

The Druid

The Druid - Bronze

Firefly's Song with LED Lights

Guidance Wolf & Cub Statue

Joan of Arc Plaque

Steampunk Bee Wall Clock

Steampunk Tortoise Trinket Box

Thorny Scale Dragon Eye Trinket Box

Acorn Tree Greenman Celtic Trinket Box

Steampunk Dragon Head Box

Lunch with a Toothpick Dragon

Athena Under the Olive Tree

Odin on Throne

Cybele, Mother of Gods

Hocus Pocus Witch

Mad Queen by Nene Thomas

Dark & Light Angels

Jeweled Fairy Sapphire

Jeweled Fairy Amethyst

Lost Books Mermaid


Sweet Dreams Fairy Figurine

Luminescent Fairy

Beauty & the Winged Serpent

Reaper of the Night

The Elder Draconis

Fairy Wishing Well

Bathtime Mermaid

Littlest Fairy

Rockabye Fairy

Howl Wolf Statue

Long Live Magic

Impossible Love

Lily of the Valley Fairy

Guardian Angel by Selina Fenech

Small Things Fairy

Waiting Mermaid

Gossamer Princess Fairy

Shimmer Fairy

Threshold Fairy

Fishing For Riddles Fairy

Faith Mounted Knight & Lady

Arcana the Magi

Arcana the Shaman

The Blessing Angel

Awaken Your Magic Owl

Dragonsworn Mistress

Dragonsworn Master

The Assassin Steampunk Fairy

Avenger Steampunk Angel


Harbinger Angel

Lost Love Fairy

Stargazer Fairy

Immortal Flight Fairy

Realm of Enchantment Trio

Soul Mates, Dragon & Mistress

Water Dragon & Mistress

Winter Guardians

'Await the Night' Secret Box

Prayer for the Fallen

Angel Rose

Arachnafaria Fairy

'Friends Forever' Dragon & Mistress

Summoning the Reaper

Mystic Aura Fairy

Spirit Guide

Guardian of the North Wolf

His Master's Voice Cat Statue

Sunlit Seas Mermaid Bookend

Earth Life Magic Bookend

Earth Life Magic Bookend (Bronze)

Winged Things Fairy

Guardian Angel by Selina Fenech (Bronze)

Impossible Love (Bronze)

Star Weaver

Steampunk Bee Bookend

Pure Heart Unicorn & Girl

Dance with Death

Moonsong Dragon and Wolf Statue

Bravery Misplaced Dragon

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel (Bronze)

Child of War

Hekate Statue

Only Love Remains

Dark Messenger

Unbreakable Bond

Armored Dragon LED Nightlight

Miniature Scholars Trinket Box

Heart of the Ocean Mermaid

Reaper Gunslinger

Winter Warriors

Little Dark Riding Hood

Life Blood

Charon the Ferryman with LED Lantern

Steampunk Owl Wall Plaque

Steampunk Owl with Top Hat

Hot Air Balloon Clock

Octopus Cracked Treasure Chest

Stiletto Hill, Ironopolis

Mimic Chest Trinket Box

Time Dragon Scarlet Rose

Time Dragon Emerald

Steampunk Windmill

Octopus Mimic Chest Trinket Box

Octopus Magnifying Glass

Steampunk Spirit Decanter with Clock

Steampunk Shot Glass

Peacock & Prunus Vase

Peacock & Plum Tray

Peacock Creamer

Peacock Tray

Peacock Cup & Spoon Set

Peacock Sugar Jar

Porcelain Peacock Trinket Box

Peacock Mug & Spoon Set

Indigo Silent Watcher Dragon

Fiery Grim Guardian Dragon

Sapphire Sentinel Dragon

Enchanted Song Mermaid

Enchantment Fairy

Blue Moon Unicorn

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Enchanted Forest

Steampunk Octopus Wine Glass

Horned Azure Dragon Bust

Crimson Steampunk Heart Box

Steampunk Octopus Heart Box

Queen of Havoc

Steampunk Octopus Bell Chalice

Steampunk Decorative Skull Wall Clock

Round Odin Viking Trinket Box


Sacred Love

Dragon Mistress

Lady of the Lake

Angel and the Reaper

Samoon Dragon


Buran Dragon

Steampunk Typewriter Gear Clock

Steampunk Dragon Perching on Clock

Glowing Horned Obsidian Dragon Bust

Petalite the Jeweled Fairy

Dragonlings on Skull & Books

Ceridwen - Goddess of Inspiration

De-Optimizer Steampunk Gun

Steampunk Brass Conduit Wall Clock

Steampunk Octopus Porthole Wall Clock

Dragon's Prophecy with Glowing Egg

Fierce Loyalty

Steampunk Magnum Opus Wall Clock

Dragon Riding a Wave

Steampunk Gondola

Steampunk Deep Sea Dweller Wall Clock

Steampunk Mesh Beacon Clock Lamp

Riveted Plate Wall Clock

Morrigan - Goddess of Birth, Battle, & Death

Brigid - Goddess of Hearth & Home

Dragon Mage

Dragon Companion

Tree of Life Figurine

Flying Snowy Owl

Witch's Apprentice

Art Nouveau Greenman Plaque

Time of Love Wall Clock

Zephyr Steampunk Train

Inner Sanctum


Sea of Roses Mermaid

Metatron with Geometric Cube

Steampunk Owl Cell & Pen Holder

Hecate Trinket Box

Celtic Triple Goddess Trinket Box

Steampunk Tinkerer Dragon

Dragonling Incensespection Incense Burner

Elemental Ascendant Wizard


Tentacle Wine Glass

Play Dead

Angel Sitting with a Lyre

Heart and Key Box

Lycanthrope Werewolf Moon Howl


Steampunk Flat Skull Wall Clock

Winged Skull Crest Beer Stein

Steampunk Dragon on Gear Stand Clock

Celtic Knot Treasure Chest

Steampunk Dragon on Time Machine Trinket Box

Valour by Anne Stokes

Dragon & Thistle Coat of Arms Skull

Glacial White Dragon

Steampunk Crossbone Top Hat Skull

Steampunk Submarine Trinket Box

Skeleton in Diving Bell with Light

Black Pegasus

Snowy Owl on Book Stack

52 Hertz Galactic Colony Whale

Greenman Ent Wine Glass

Steampunk Heart Clock

Skull Brooch Hand Mirror

Flying Dragon Coat of Arms Skull

Siren's Lament

Norse Gods Viking Beer Stein

Celtic Griffin with Sphere

Zeus with Eagle

Here you'll find a variety of high quality fantasy figurines! Travel deep into this magical realm... you never know what manner of new friends might follow you home!
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