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Queen of Havoc

Mad Queen by Nene Thomas

Faery of Ravens

Nene Thomas Button & Magnet Set

The Art of Nene Thomas:
Parting the Veil

The Art of Nene Thomas: The Unwinding Path

Amethyst Moon

Indigo Moon Fairy

Dark Skies

Crimson Lily Fairy

Echoes of Autumn Fairy

Winter Wings

Lamentation of Swans

Euphoria Fairy on Horse Statue

Furionchires Figurine by Nene Thomas



Frost Fairy Moon

Wind Moon Fairy

Fire Moon Fairy

Earth Moon Fairy


Fairy Groom Ornament 1

Fairy Bride Ornament 2

Fairy Groom Ornament 2

Angelic Princess Fairy Ornament

Misty Morning Wall Plaque

A Chance Encounter Tile
by Nene Thomas

Blue Dream Tile
by Nene Thomas

Gathering Storm Tile
by Nene Thomas

Moon Dreamer Tile
by Nene Thomas

Memento Tile
by Nene Thomas

Direwood Tile
by Nene Thomas

Dark Skies Fairy Wall Art Tile by Nene Thomas

Daybreak Fairy Wall Art Tile by Nene Thomas

Wind Moon Necklace

Crimson Lilly Necklace

Dark Skies Necklace

Innocence Necklace

Hope Fairy Light Switch Plate

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Mad Queen 750 pcs

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Lost Melody (750 pcs)

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Aveliad Autumn (750 pcs)

Nene Thomas Greeting Card Set

Blue Nocturne Fairy Wall Art Tile by Nene Thomas

Queen of Shadows Fairy Wall Art Tile by Nene Thomas

Solace Tile by Nene Thomas

Storm Runes Tile by Nene Thomas

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Shadows of Snow (750 pcs)

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Heart of Ice (750 pcs)

Symphony in Black & White Fairy Art Print

Chorus Fairy / Angel

Dark Skies Fairy Zippo Lighter

Queen of Fate Dragon Zippo Lighter

Memory Fairy Zippo Lighter

Mad Queen Dragon Zippo Lighter

Direwood Tattered Wood Print

Queen of the Owls Tattered Wood print

Wind Moon Tattered Wood Print

Amber Tattered Wood Print

Blue Dream Tattered Wood Print

Ivy Tattered Wood Print

Prelude in Blue Tattered Wood Print

Queen of Silk Framed Print

Garden in Gold Wooden Puzzle by Nene Thomas (250 pcs)

Lullaby by Nene Thomas

Last Light Fairy by Nene Thomas

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Bella (750 pcs)

Nene Thomas Puzzle: Windmoon (750 pcs)

Nene Thomas Fairy Puzzle: Swans (750 pcs)

Chorus Angel

Memory Fairy

Solace Fairy

Moon Dreamer

Gathering Storm

Daybreak Fairy

Solace Embossed Fairy Journal

Wind Moon Embossed Journal

Fire Moon Embossed Journal

Frost Moon Embossed Journal

Memory Embossed Journal

Frost Moon Tapestry Blanket

Direwood Fairy Tapestry Blanket

Wind Moon Fairy Tapestry Blanket

Nene Thomas 2021 Dragon Witch Calendar

Stargazer Fairy

Blue Dream

A Chance Encounter Fairy Puzzle - 1000 pcs

Emerald Hawthorne Peacock Puzzle - 1000 pcs

Whispers Fairy

Mistress of the Lycani

Bella Maestra

Pretty Jigsaw Puzzle

Fire Moon Jigsaw Puzzle

Empress Hitomi Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

Topaz Forest Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

Queen of Owls Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

Nene Thomas is one of the most well know fantasy artists. Probably because she has some of the best fantasy images of Fairies, Dragons, and Angels that you'll ever see. Here you can find all of the Nene Thomas items that we carry, from Fairysite Fairy figurines, dragonsite dragon figurines, ceramic art tiles, art prints, jewelry, fairy ornaments, and much more.
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