Fairy Wishing Well

Littlest Fairy

Rockabye Fairy

Small Things Fairy

Gossamer Princess Fairy

Shimmer Fairy

Threshold Fairy

Fishing For Riddles Fairy

Lily of the Valley Fairy

Winged Things Fairy

Long Live Magic

Star Weaver

Green Tea Fairy

Warm Toes Fairy

Hot Cocoa Faery

I Need Coffee Fairy

Cider Faery

Espresso Faery

Chamomile Faery

Elemental Water Fairy

Elemental Fire Fairy

Elemental Wind Fairy

Elemental Earth Fairy

Fairyland Mushroom Fairy

Fairyland Oak Leaf Fairy

Fairyland Leaf Fairy

Fairyland Autumn Fairy

Fairyland Purple Fairy

Fairyland Sleeping Toadstool Fairy

Fairyland Reading Fairy

Fairyland Gazing Fairy

Glass Fairy Dreams Figurine

Glass Moon Fairy

Glass Unicorn with Flute Fairy

Emma Fairy

Mina Fairy

Primrose Faery

Periwinkle Faery

Little Mae Faery

Naughty Fairy

Nice Fairy

Thinking of You Fairy

Fairy with Dragon Friends

Fairyland Reading Fairy

Steampunk Fairy Figurine by Teri Rosario

Gypsy Dancer Fairy

Christmas Fairy

Pirate Fairy

Calla Lily Stem Flitty

Iris Stem Flitty

Tulip Stem Flitty

Sweet Pea Stem Flitty

Ladyslipper Orchid Stem Flitty

Bird of Paradise Stem Flitty

Fairy with Dual Dragons

Green-winged Fairy with Dragonlings

Brown-winged Fairy with Dragonlings

Fairyland Blue Gazing Fairy

Fairyland Perching Fairy

Fairyland Sitting Fairy

Fairyland Cloud Fairy

Gatekeeper Statue

Fairy with White Wolf

Amy Brown Warm Beverage Faery Set


Stargazer Fairy

Harbinger Angel

Lost Love Fairy

Immortal Flight Fairy

Realm of Enchantment Trio

Arachnafaria Fairy

Mystic Aura Fairy

Magenta Faery

Spring Fairy with Dragon

Summer Fairy with Dragon

Autumn Fairy with Dragon

Winter Fairy with Dragon

Autumn Fairy with LED Orb

Spring Fairy with LED Orb

Purple Fairy with LED Orb

Kneeling Fairy with Unicorn

Fairy Leaning on Wolf

Fairy Flanked by Wolves

Comfort Cup Fairy

'Missing You' Dolly Fae

'Spell on You' Dolly Fae

'Thinking Of You' Dolly Fae

Blue Monday Dolly Fae

Raven Fey with LED

Hunting Fairy with Wolf

Child of War

Lionfish Mermaid with Seahorse Dragon

Fairy & Unicorn at a Pond

Flowery Fairy & Unicorn

Snowy Fairy & Unicorn

Autumn Cup Fairy

Fairy with Dragon in Cup

Christmas Fairy with Cup & Cookie

Fairy with Black Dragon

Peacock Fairy Statue

Fairy Riding Arctic Wolf

Autumn Bubble Fairy

Moon Fairy with Dragon

Fairy with White Tiger

Archer Fairy with Wolf

Wish You Were Here Fairy

Wild Violet Fairy

Tea Bath Fairy

Black Fairy Dragon

White Fairy Dragon

Ebony & Ivory Fairy

Aneira Fairy

Hima Fairy

Eternal Love

True Gentleman

Frog Gossip Fairy

Flirting Fairy

Lady of the Forest

Gothic Fairy

Only Love Remains

Jeweled Fairy Sapphire

Jeweled Fairy Amethyst

Sweet Dreams Fairy Figurine

Luminescent Fairy

Enchantment Fairy

Enchanted Forest

Frost Fairy Moon

Wind Moon Fairy

Fire Moon Fairy

Earth Moon Fairy

Mini Garden Fairies Trio

Mini Garden Pixie-Boy Trio

Yellow-Winged Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Pink-Winged Fairy Garden Starter Set

Pumpkin Queen Fairy

Autumn Pumpkin Fairy

White Pumpkin Fairy

Bad Dragon

Dragons Are Romantic

Fluttering Friends

The Naughty List Fairy

Angel Gets Her Wings

Petalite the Jeweled Fairy

Amethyst Moon

Indigo Moon Fairy

Dark Skies

Crimson Lily Fairy

Echoes of Autumn Fairy

Winter Wings

Lamentation of Swans

Euphoria Fairy on Horse Statue

Phoenix Fairy

Owl Fairy

Eagle Fairy

Steampunk Angel Fairy

Crystal Fairy

Faery of Ravens

Firefly's Song with LED Lights

Book Muse Fairy

Book Fairy

Frost Queen Fairy

Summer Queen Fairy

Fairy Family by Amy Brown

Forever Love Fairies

Last Light Fairy by Nene Thomas

Chorus Angel

Memory Fairy

Solace Fairy

Moon Dreamer

Sweet Tooth Fae

Red Tea Cup Fairy

Green Tea Cup Fairy

Purple Tea Cup Fairy

Bookworm Fae

Book Club Fae

Companion Dragon & Fae

Boy and His Dragon

Discovery Fairy by Amy Brown

Pixie Gossip

Daybreak Fairy

Gathering Storm

Spring Fairy


Forest Fairy

Greenwoman Fairy

Twas the Night Fairy

Stargazer Fairy

Blue Dream

Salutotyme Fairy

Shadow Fairy Cat

Dutchess Fairy Cat

Key to Success Fairy by Amy Brown

Summer Dreams Fairy

Magic Happens Fairy by Jessica Galbreth

Misty Morning Wall Plaque

Sisters Fairy Wall Plaque


Whispers Fairy

Mistress of the Lycani

Bella Maestra

Fairy on Swing with Blue Dragon

Fairy and Dragon on a Seesaw

Fairy and Dragon Playing Chess

Here, you'll find a lovely collection of fairy figurines from Pacific Trading, Glass Baron, and other fairy figurine companies! From bold, butterfly-winged beauties to pastel pixies, you're sure to find a faery friend you adore!
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