Bathtime Mermaid

Lost Books Mermaid

Waiting Mermaid

Motherhood Mermaid Wall Plaque

Mermaid Tea Blend

Sunlit Seas Mermaid Bookend

Impossible Love

Impossible Love (Bronze)

Thomas Kinkade Little Mermaid Puzzle (750 pcs)

Hundred Tears Mermaid

Elan Vital Mermaid

Mermaid Pearl

Relax Mermaid

Morning Bliss Mermaid

Glass Mermaid Figurine

Jewel of the Sea Tile
by Jessica Galbreth

Mermaid Earrings

The Mermaid by James Lane Casey

Waiting for a Prince Mermaid

Mermaid on Seashell Box

A Sea Full of Stars Mermaid

Sounds of the Sea Pewter Mermaid

Fish Tickle Mermaid

Pod Mates Dolphin & Mermaid

Sea Queen Mermaid Tapestry

Metamorphosis Mermaid Luggage Tag

Mermaid Greeting Card Set

Pearl Diva II Mermaid Fairy Diva

Mermaid of the Deep Art Scroll

by Meredith Dillman

POP Ariel Figurine

Dreaming Under the Sea Little Mermaid

Splash of Fun Figurine

Mermaid Box

Mermaid Shell Box

Mermaid Ariel Box

Mermaid Layla Box

Myths & Mermaids Oracle Deck

Oracle of the Mermaids

Metamorphosis Mermaid Statue

Mermaid & Conch Trinket Box

Twin Mermaids & Shell Tray

POP Ariel (Blue Dress)

Mermaid & Shell Necklace

Little Mermaid Soft Touch Key Ring

Mermaid Tankard

Tarot of the Mermaids

Aequicorn Pendant

Steampunk Mermaid Wall Mirror

Merman & Mermaid Magnifying Glass

Lionfish Mermaid with Seahorse Dragon

Mermaid Shot Glass

Pink Mermaid Trinket Box

Mermaid on Seashell Tray

Blue-tailed Mermaid on Rock Trinket Box

Mermaid Mother & Baby Clock

Heart-Shaped Mermaid Box

Two Mermaids Porcelain Trinket Box

Mermaid & Sea Wave Coupe Dish

Mermaids & Shell Ring Tray

Entwined Mermaid Wall Art Tile by Jessica Galbreth

Mermaid Wine Glass

Mermaid Shot Glass

Mermaid Hand Mirror

Merman & Mermaid Wall Mirror

Mermaid Aine Plaque

Metamorphosis Tray

Heart of the Ocean Mermaid

Fibonacci's Golden Spiral Pendant

Enchanted Song Mermaid

Stretching Merman

Land of Mer

The Cradle Mermaid

Pulse of the Pond

Treasure Chest Mermaid

Mer Birth Mermaid

Rainbow Pool

Silver & Gold Mermaid Ornament Trio

Swimming in Starlight Mermaid Travel Mug

Coral Reef Island Travel Mug

Spring Flowers Mermaid Travel Mug

Bathtime Tattered Wood Print

Moon Mermaid Tattered Wood Print

Motherhood Tattered Wood Print

Sea of Roses Tattered Wood Print

Moon Tide Tattered Wood Print

Glowing Dreams Tattered Wood Print

Heart Dance Tattered Wood Print

Selkie Tattered Wood Print

Wave of Power Tattered Wood Print

Ultramarine Tattered Wood Print

Aurelia Mermaid Umbrella

Mermaid Kiss Pocket Notepad

Mermaid Globe Diecut Window Pocket Notepad

Mermaid Sitting in Seashell

Mermaid Button & Magnet Set

Bronze Mermaid

Celtic Stone Mermaid

Spring Flowers Mermaid

Mermaid Sandtimer

Sea of Roses Mermaid

Onde Mermaid Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pcs)

High Tide Mermaid Brooch Journal

Make Waves Mermaid Soft Cover Journal

Make Waves Decorative Tray

Make Waves Cosmetic Bag

Mermaid Waves Pocket Note Pad

Moon Mermaid Puzzle (750 Pieces)

Mermaid Incense Burner

Mermaid with Shell Potpourri Dish

Mermaid Holding Shell Dish

Mermaid on Water

Mermaid with Jellyfish Lamp

Mermaid Sea Goblet

Mermaid Ornament Duo

Magic Under the Water Blanket

Swimming in Starlight Woven Tapestry Blanket

Mermaid Hunt Tapestry Blanket

Mermaid Set of 3

Mermaid Box

Aurelia Mermaid Tapestry Blanket

Mermaid Moon Tapestry Blanket

Hidden Depths Mermaid Mug by Anne Stokes

Ocean Nymph Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

Siren's Lament

Mermaid Sequin Stocking

Mermaids have long fascinated us! The sirens from deep under the waves are known to be beautiful and mysterious, and sometimes a trifle dangerous! Here, you'll find our mermaid items, including figurines, home decor and more, with artwork by Jessica Galbreth, Christine Bowman, Renee Biertempfel, Ed Beard, and Amy Brown, among others.
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