Celtic Owl Umbrella

Celtic Yule Stag Travel Mug

Celtic Raven Travel Mug

Celtic Dragonfly Travel Mug

Celtic Triple Horse Tote Bag

Celtic Roots T-Shirt

Celtic Cross Marble Coaster Set

Celtic Spirit Switch plate (single)

Celtic Heart Switch plate (single)

Celtic Claddagh Bottle Opener

Celtic Wine Glass

Celtic Heart Flutes

Celtic Smooth Heart Flutes

Celtic Heart Cake Topper

Fine Celtic Leather Wallet

Celtic Braid Leather Wallet

Celtic Weave Leather Wallet

Tree of Life Leather Wallet

Bold Celtic Leather Wallet

Celtic Circle Leather Belt Pouch (Wide)

Celtic Border Leather Belt Pouch (Medium)

Celtic Circle Leather Belt Pouch (Medium)

Celtic Hounds Leather Belt Pouch (Wide)

Bold Celtic Leather Journal

Celtic Leather Check Book

Celtic Leather Card Holder

Celtic Braid Leather Check Book Cover

Celtic Braid Leather Card Holder

Celtic Hounds Leather Check Book Cover

Celtic Hounds Leather Card Holder

Celtic Diamond Leather Journal

Celtic Cross Leather Journal

Celtic Cross Leather Belt Pouch (Medium)

Web of Life Tapestry

Celtic Pentacle Tapestry

Cycle of Ages Tapestry

Celtic Knot Dragon Tapestry

'Celtic Angel'
by Bill Plank

Celtic Cross Wall Plaque

Celtic Pentacle Wall Plaque

Irish Claddagh Celtic Wall Plaque

Celtic Cross Dragon Incense Burner

Celtic Dice Set

Celtic 3D Dice Set

Celtic Dice Bag

Celtic Horse Candle Hurricane

Celtic Tree T-shirt

Tree of Life Shirt

Celtic Knot Hairclip

Celtic Hair Comb

Circle of Life Journal

Celtic Horse Ashtray

Hammered Celtic Goblet

Celtic Hammered Pewter Stein

Pentagram Cat Tile Box

Dream Book Embossed Journal

Celtic Cross Pocket Watch Necklace

Sun Moon T-shirt

Celtic Vampire Skull

Celtic Irish Coffee Mug

Triple Goddess Triskelle Plaque

Green & Red Celtic Trinket Box

Round Celtic Trinket Box

Celtic Tree of Life Goblet

Celtic Goddess Blodeuwedd

Celtic Goddess Brigid

Cycle of the Ages Tote Bag

Celtic Raven Clock

Embossed Celtic Horse Journal

Celtic Icon Journal

Woodland Guardian T-Shirt

Celtic Knot Dice

Tree of Life Plaque

Wiccan Goddess of Love Pendant

"Fáilte" Address Plaque

Celtic Dragon Plaque

Claddagh Address Plaque

Claddagh Poem Plaque

Shamrock Address Plaque

Celtic Cornerstone Plaque

Cead Mile Failte Plaque

Claddagh Weathervane

Celtic Knot Outdoor Thermometer

Claddagh Sundial

Trinity Knot Celtic Scarf

Triskel Throw Blanket

Tree of Life Throw Blanket

Celtic Cross Coffin Trinket Box

Tree of Life Mug

Celtic Butterfly Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Dolphin Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Hare Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Horse Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Owl Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Raven Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Wolves Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Tree Tattered Wood Print

Celtic Wolf Tattered Wood Print

Celtic Grace Tattered Wood Print

Raven Fey Tattered Wood Print

Round Odin Viking Trinket Box

Celtic Animals Button Set

Celtic Animals Magnet Set

Celtic Wolf Guide Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

Celtic Dragonfly Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

Celtic Butterflies Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Dolphins Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Dragonflies Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Owl Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Raven Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Grace Tapestry Blanket

Circle of Life Embossed T-Shirt

Love Knot Embossed T-Shirt

Moon Tree

Tricycle Embossed T-Shirt

Braided Celtic Bracelet

Eternity Knot Earrings

Celtic Eternity Knot Necklace

Celtic Cross Necklace

Unity Knot Celtic Earrings

Celtic Harmony Knot Necklace

World Tree Hairclip

Celtic Peacock Hairclip

Celtic Braid Pewter Bracelet

Celtic Knot Articulated Necklace

Celtic Braid Leather Hairclip

Celtic Jewel Earrings

Celtic Cross Wings Necklace

Celtic Jewel Necklace

Jeweled Celtic Trinity Earrings

Jeweled Celtic Trinity Necklace

Celtic Starburst Necklace

Celtic Star Earrings

Celtic Crescent Necklace

Celtic Tree Earrings

Celtic Tree Necklace

Celtic Wing Necklace

Double Dragon Necklace

Celtic Peace Necklace

Red Gem Celtic Necklace

Celtic Square Necklace

Celtic Braid Leather Hairclip

Celtic Knotwork Cross

Celtic Knotwork Cross Earrings

Celtic Knotwork Dragon Necklace

Glass Domed Tree of Life Pendant

Glass Domed Yggdrasil Pendant

Celtic Wolf Guide Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Knot Treasure Chest

Tree of Life Ornament

Here, you'll find our fine assortment of Celtic gifts! From clothing and artwork to tankards and leather goods, there's something for everyone! If you love the detailed knotwork made famous by the ancient Celts, you've come to the right place!
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