Celtic Wolf Guide Umbrella

Celtic Owl Umbrella

Celtic Animals Button Set

Celtic Animals Magnet Set

Celtic Goddess Blodeuwedd

Celtic Goddess Brigid

Celtic Yule Stag Travel Mug

Celtic Raven Travel Mug

Hamsa Travel Mug

Celtic Dragonfly Travel Mug

Spring Flowers Mermaid Travel Mug

Namastea Travel Mug

Eternal Love

Steampunk Bee Bookend

Energy Crisis Steampunk Figurine

Incomplete Steampunk Fairy

The Purrfect Spell

Celtic Horse Candle Hurricane

Butterfly Rose Cross Pillow

Brigid Ashwood Sticker Set

'Gargoyle' by Brigid Ashwood

by Brigid Ashwood

'Bella Luna'
by Brigid Ashwood

The Guide Cross Stitch Pattern

Celtic Raven Clock

Embossed Celtic Horse Journal

Celtic Butterfly Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Dolphin Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Hare Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Horse Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Owl Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Raven Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Wolf Guide Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Wolves Wood Wall Plaque

Celtic Ravens Tattered Wood Print

Celtic Tree Tattered Wood Print

Celtic Wolf Tattered Wood Print

Celtic Grace Tattered Wood Print

Greenman Tattered Wood Print

Raven Fey Tattered Wood Print

Ganesha Mug

Tree of Life Journal

Celtic Stone Mermaid

Spring Flowers Mermaid

Celtic Wolf Plaque

Brigid Ashwood Greenman Plaque

Celtic Dragonfly Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

Celtic Wolf Guide Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

Tea and Books Jigsaw Puzzle (500 pcs)

Celtic Butterflies Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Dolphins Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Dragonflies Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Owl Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Owls Handmade Paper Journal

Celtic Moon Black Cat Journal

Celtic Raven Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Grace Tapestry Blanket

Rainbow Hamsa Hand Blanket

Sun and Moon Woven Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Wolf Guide Tapestry Blanket

Celtic Unicorn Tapestry Blanket

Damask Dragonfly Tapestry Blanket

Autumn Queen Fairy Jigsaw Puzzle

Brigid Ashwood is one of the biggest names in the Fantasy Art World. She has become a learder in Steampunk Art movement as well as a major name in the Fairy art world. Brigid Ashwood has a wide range of styles from her Kitchen Witches & Phunkie Phairies to her Steampunk Art. Here you will find Brigid Ashwood's art prints, Fairy figurines, wall tiles, boxes, jewelry, T-shirts, boxes, amd much more.
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