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Throne of Alliance
Celestial Wizard
Dragon Studies
Book Worm Madness Dragon
Pumpkin Chariot
Dragon Cycle
Sorcery Switch plate
Braxus the Red Wizard
Amber Dracomancer
Vaaron Fire Sorcerer
Valdarynn Arch Mage
Amathor Arch Mage
Drake Whiteraven
Siramon Snaketooth
Tholan the Wise
Gandalf III
Lucius Panderwagon
Selmarina Witch
Elisha Lightsedge
Darbin the Deadly
Lord Gorna of Kjord
Krupp the Heretic
Darbin the Deadly 2
Dragon Mobile
Crystal Spell Wizard
War Wizard
Majestic Rulers Pewter Wizard & Dragon
Oracle of Prophecy Wizard
Perth Pewter, The Phoenix Collection & The Rawcliffe Collection

All of our pewter wizard collectibles are handcrafted by the finest artists in the field. Most of them are delicately accented in gold and/or genuine crystals. All of our pewter wizards are made in the United States.
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