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St. George & The Dragon
Dragon Crossbow w/ Crew
Chaos Knight on Dragon
Excalibur in Stone
Falling Mounted Knight
Sir Lancelot Mtd.
Dwarf Boar Rider
Loftis Angel of Might
Thiara Daughter of Vengeance
Lycan Berserker
Centaur Archer
Sir Robert Knight Templar
Shawna Wolfsister
King Denethall
Ava Female Templar
Lycan w/ Spear
Lycan with Sword
Morkoth Vipertongue
Sir Falkirk Nobleheart
Elanter Lost Prince
Sir Malbeth Blackhawk
Sir Brian Knight Templar
Sir Robin Knight Templar
Sir Kay Knight Templar
The Unholy Warrior
Liriel Silverlocks
Sir Koros Knight Templar
Diarmud Black Legionnaire
Dragon Knight with Bow
Beserker w/ Axe
Dragon Vs. Mounted Knight
Knight Vs. Dragon
Attack Squirrel
Perth Pewter, The Phoenix Collection & The Rawcliffe Collection

All of our pewter knight collectibles are handcrafted by the finest artists in the field. Most of them are delicately accented in gold and/or genuine crystals. All of our pewter Knights are made in the United States.
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