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Clockwork Darter Dragonfly Necklace

Clockwork Darter

Clockwork Darter
Clockwork Darter
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Product Description
Clockwork Darter Dragonfly Necklace

Made in Englad with Swarovski Elements, this necklace shows A ubiquitous Victorian dragonfly.

This dragonfly has been ingeniously brought up to the latest in technical specifications, and the Clockwork Darter Steampunk pendant is an absolutely brilliant piece of jewelry. Assembled from various gears and cogs, the dragonfly’s “head” looks like the loop and head of a pocket watch, right down to the dial that one can use to wind the dragonfly. Built around the central spindle are a series of gears and cogs, carefully crafted and beautifully fitted together, giving the pendant the look of an actual clockwork machine. Silver and copper intermix in the body before giving rise to the dragonfly’s colorful wings; rimmed in pewter, the membrane of the wings are a vibrant array of blue and red. One can only imagine the flashing colors of these wings in flight. The darter dragonfly’s tail is a linked chain, with the tip being weighted by a grand pink crystal. Called a “darter” because of the dragonfly’s typically swift, darting movements, the Clockwork Darter Steampunk pendant is an item that would be utterly spectacular to see in flight— but, alas, one will have to simply settle for the splendor of wearing so intricate and fine an item.

Product Line: Alchemy Steampunk Jewelry

Made in England

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